Complete projects confidently with IDC’s total service offering

Project delivery starts at the design phase of a project. There can be a cast of thousands on an urban development project, so assembling a team with the essential culture, experience, and knowledge is critical for delivery success.

With their diverse technical backgrounds, IDC’s project managers invaluably support the IDC team, clients and partners. Working with an experienced project manager that speaks our industry language ensures faster project decisions and design coordination, and a deeper understanding of any relevant issues. With additional services including contract management and project registration, IDC has the full end-to-end urban development expertise to bring your project to life.

Service details

Project delivery compliments the connection between advisory services, design and delivery of projects. Service inclusions are:

  • Design management, bringing the right team together and managing them to deliver a fully coordinated product
  • Project lifecycle cost visibility
  • Supervision of site construction, design amendments, safety and site surveillance
  • Development, negotiation and management of project contracts

You’ll receive placement of the right staff at the right time of project activities, introducing the specialists when their input is most valuable.

Service features

  • Design management
  • Construction management and programming
  • Construction supervision, site surveillance and safety management
  • Contracts administration

Client benefits

  • Confident project management collaborating with clients, Councils, Government Agencies, and Contractors
  • Save time and potential costs with IDC managing the entire project
  • Have the right experts on the project at the best time
  • Gain timely and valuable advice on unexpected issues if they arise

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