Clear advice on development options

Starting a big project can be complicated and confusing, and without insights on the most economical and logical areas to develop your project’s site and infrastructure can challenge your budget and time.

Primarily for large developers and government clients, our Infrastructure Advisory Services provides an infrastructure plan, clear advice, and options for the best delivery of a development project, precinct, or city. We also don’t just focus on the enabling infrastructure; we see environment and sustainability considerations and additional elements like parks, schools and hospitals as other important infrastructure to create great places to live.

Service details

Plan your approach to the development, remove unnecessary delays and yield the best cost and timing of the works. Service inclusions are:

  • Know when you can build your project based on the estimated delivery of key government-led infrastructure  
  • Receive the best staging advice for development areas (where to start, housing yields, pace of development, enabling infrastructure, social infrastructure, environment aspects and sustainability initiatives)
  • Understand the optimal infrastructure staging plan that Government Agencies and Service Utility Authorities endorse
  • Understand the “who” and “when” of infrastructure funding and delivery and expectations of ownership and maintenance
  • Identify the entire potential infrastructure with the project team – enabling infrastructure (sewer, electricity, water, roads) and supporting infrastructure (cycle paths, parks, schools, community centres), knowing where and when to build them

You’ll receive evidence-based, impartial advice and a stage-by-stage infrastructure plan, knowing where to spend funds on the most efficient delivery of site and housing. The IDC team will guide you through the possibilities, ensuring your full awareness of the options and why they matter.

Service features

  • Infrastructure prioritisation, sequencing, and funding advice
  • Master planning advice

Client benefits

  • Gain a robust, commercially viable plan that Government endorses
  • Gain knowledge on the best area to start stage 1 of your city, region, precinct or site
  • Gain insights on possible returns on investment, like economic growth, infrastructure levies and cashflow forecasts
  • Identify the planning, design and construction pathway for every piece of infrastructure required
  • Get homes on the ground faster to ensure people arrive to great places to live, work and play

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Aerotropolis Section 7.12 Plan

IDC partnered with GLN Planning to prepare a Section 7.12 Plan for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. Interestingly, this was not a typical Plan preparation – the area had flexible zonings and no Precinct Plans available to define the development layouts, let alone the infrastructure requirements, reinforcing IDC as pre-eminent leaders in this first-of-its-kind project. An […]

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Western Parkland City Urban Development Program

The Urban Development Program (UDP), run by NSW Department of Planning & Environment, includes a place-based dashboard that monitors land supply and residential development activity. IDC has formulated a Place Assessment Criteria (PAC) tool for the UDP to assist in assessing all the places across Western Parkland City. The PAC assesses each place against various […]

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