Western Parkland City Urban Development Program

Client: NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Scale: Western Parkland City-wide

The Urban Development Program (UDP), run by NSW Department of Planning & Environment, includes a place-based dashboard that monitors land supply and residential development activity. IDC has formulated a Place Assessment Criteria (PAC) tool for the UDP to assist in assessing all the places across Western Parkland City.

The PAC assesses each place against various criteria, including strategic alignment, land use and infrastructure planning status, cost-effectiveness, development readiness, and community and environmental outcomes. It will allow the Department to understand the status of each place better and identify an orderly Staged Place roll-out, supported by a fully funded and coordinated Infrastructure Sequencing Plan.

The success of the PAC tool has led to an expansion of the PAC to employment lands. We are now embarking on the next phase of UDP work, undertaking in-depth housing market analysis and the preparation of detailed infrastructure plans that will be delivered in lock-step with housing market demand.

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