Aerotropolis Section 7.12 Plan

Client: Penrith & Liverpool City Councils
Scale: Over 4,000 Hectares

IDC partnered with GLN Planning to prepare a Section 7.12 Plan for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. Interestingly, this was not a typical Plan preparation – the area had flexible zonings and no Precinct Plans available to define the development layouts, let alone the infrastructure requirements, reinforcing IDC as pre-eminent leaders in this first-of-its-kind project.

An initial Contributions Plan was developed by analysing and benchmarking transport, stormwater and social infrastructure provided for various development types across greater Sydney and estimating the required infrastructure for the various development precincts in the Aerotropolis.

The Contributions Plan enabled developers’ plans to progress immediately after the initial rezoning and in advance of the subsequent Precinct Planning documents. As this project has progressed, more detailed plans have become available, resulting in only minor changes to the plan, which meant our initial evidence-based research and benchmarking efforts were “bang on”.

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