The three tenets of IDC: Work hard. Have fun. Be a GREAT teammate.

Confident, organized, personable, and hard-working are some of the qualities of IDC’s people that bring high levels of trust and likeability with clients and partners.

Led by Chris Avis, whose working-class roots in south-western Sydney forged the foundations of his company’s values, the IDC team are a thoughtfully assembled group of experts who carry out their work passionately, producing the best results for client projects. As the company grows, Chris and his team work toward a future vision of affordable housing for families and supporting engineering graduates’ development in becoming their industry’s talented and ethical champions.

Chris AvisDirector and Founder

Chris started his engineering career as all apprentice civil drafters do – at the bottom, working hard, learning from great mentors, and progressively working his way up the ladder. Chris draws upon his extensive experience and diverse technical foundation to bring confident, plain-English conversations with clients, ensuring his advice is easily understood and adds value. Chris’s passion for the future of community outcomes for now and into the future is evident in IDC’s culture. Just as he was supported to become the person he is today, Chris warmly invites aspiring graduates to be trained by the best and become his industry colleagues, building a network of excellence for the future.

Dean ReillyAssociate Director & Principal Civil Engineer

Dean is one of IDC’s original starters who always wanted to deliver great projects, and his team now considers him the “engine room” of the company and one of Sydney’s best engineers. Dean possesses a rare blend of technical brilliance and methodical practicality when approaching complex challenges. He can filter out the noise of problems and supports his team and clients in understanding the resolution approach. Where reliable hands are required to discover all technical considerations to deliver solutions, Dean ensures his contribution to the work assures a high degree of trust. And as he does with his own family, new graduates welcomed to the team are well-supported in their growth with Dean at their side.

Andrew HillyAssociate & Principal Civil Engineer

Andrew is the all-rounder of IDC’s business engagements. Andrew’s excellence in client interactions comes from his personable nature and measured confidence, making him very easy to work with. His driven work ethic and keenness for business management and client success make him another trusted pair of hands in winning and completing successful projects. Andrew’s inherent people skills see him facilitate project challenges by bringing the most knowledgeable people to the table, employing a confident demeanour and creating excellent outcomes. A true team player, enthusiastic graduate supporter, and adept project hunter, Andrew ensures IDC and its clients’ success.

Rachel HiggissonAssociate & Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Rachel stands proudly as the energetic heart of the team with her affable approach, technical confidence, and dynamic work ethic, further fortifying the extraordinary team that leads IDC. Adding Rachel’s brilliant communication style, she unpacks complex concepts into simple and easy-to-understand information – a testament to her knack for building easy and assured rapport with clients and making projects enjoyable. Rachel advocates and voices her care for the environment where she sees the opportunity, keeping her colleagues’ consideration of nature grounded. With her equal passion for positively impacting families’ futures and housing supply and affordability issues, she is a bright spark at IDC’s core and benefits all who work with her.

Our culture

We work hard, have fun, and strive to be great teammates. We are experienced, innovative and practical problem solvers and drive for excellence in project results. The individual people who make up our team always have “best effort” and a collective work ethic powering their actions.

Work hard
Work hard
Have fun
Have fun
Be a GREAT teammate
Be a GREAT teammate

Join our team

Our team is IDC’s source of strength. Working alongside our team requires talented and dynamic personalities with that “something special” and a wealth of professional competence. Chris has built his team intuitively and helped those driven to learn and grow in engineering and urban development services to become future industry champions.

We have opportunities available in key roles that complement our total service offering. If you are starting your career, returning to work after family commitments, or looking for a late career change, Chris and the team would love to meet you and learn about your relevant and complementary skills and values.

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