For IDC, it’s all about people and community. Affordable housing, access to jobs nearby, and providing open spaces to relax and engage with nature is at the heart of our business.

Our connection to what matters most – our communities and families – separates us from our competitors.

It’s no secret that today’s housing affordability is extraordinarily difficult for most young people entering the market. And those who finally do break into the market are forced to sit in hours of traffic or overcrowded trains to get to work. Through hard work and close collaboration, we strive to create a future where land and housing options make the dream of owning a home close to your job and family a reality.

How we work

The principles of our work process are:

Utilise our network

The right people, providing the right advice in good time

Stay flexible

Be ready for any change in requirements


Successful projects should last well into the future

Factor finances

Keep the best return of development spend in mind

Our services

Development feasibility studies
Development feasibility studies
Infrastructure advisory services
Infrastructure advisory services
Civil engineering design
Civil engineering design
Project delivery
Project delivery

Who we work with

We value our trusted client relationships and provide easy and efficient collaboration on any size of project. IDC cuts out the noise and distraction of technical jargon and ensures you understand the development details in terms you can relate to.


Our private sector clients respect the diverse range of projects and sectors we have delivered over time. They seek out that same trustworthy, relationship-driven and collaborative approach in new engagements. Larger consultancy processes often slow down or don’t dedicate the right resources to projects. IDC’s flexibility and commitment make us a preferred partner to reach project goals sooner with as much, if not more, clarity, accountability and assurance.


Our government clients love working with us given our shared common vision – to create great communities, now and for the future. There’s clarity in every engagement, we’re not afraid to call it as we see it, and team collaboration is highly valued across the entirety of the project. Our private sector work at the development coalface means that our evidence-based and impartial advice is current and based on what the industry and community are experiencing.

Industry associations

We have an active involvement with several industry associations as committee members, presenters at events, delivering training courses, and conducting research.